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LTO 9 Information

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LTO 9 Media Labels

It is time for the next generation in the LTO family of tape cartridges! The new Generation LTO 9 cartridge provides 18 TB of raw storage capacity. Tri-Optic understands that with the next generation of tapes, comes the need for a new generation in storage media barcode labels. Therefore we have updated our offering to include labels with revised media identifiers and barcodes to work with your new LTO 9 media libraries and drives.

Tri-Optic now have LTO generation 9 barcode labels available.

Here is the list of Tri-Optic LTO Gen 9 part numbers:

1700-009 6 Character Horizontal
1700-0V9 6 Character Vertical
1700-009AB 6 Character Horizontal AB
1700-0V9AB 6 Character Vertical AB
1700-9LZ WORM Horizontal 6 Character
1700-V9LZ WORM Vertical 6 Character
1700-009Q 6 Character Horizontal w/Checksum
1700-009SL 6 Character Horizontal w/Checksum
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