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Marketing and Support Documents

Thank you for your interest in our media label technology literature. The literature on this page is the property of Tri-Optic which is a registered trademark of EDP, LLC. Customers have immediate access to electronic web files on this page. If you require a printable version of any publication please contact your Tri-Optic sales representative.

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Tri-Optic Order Form
  • For Ordering Tri-Optic Labels
Tri-Optic Label Guide
  • Tri-Optic New Marketing Literature
  • Tri-Optic Label Cut Off Time
  • Tri-Optic Label Lead Time
Tri-Optic Label Catalog
  • LTO
  • T10000
  • 3480, 9940
  • 3592
Tri-Optic Fact Sheet

Tri-Optic RFID Frequently Asked Questions

Tri-Optic Media Application Tips

Tri-OpticToGo Onsite Label Solution

Color Tables

  • Due to the variance in monitors, colors may not appear as you see them.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • About Tri-Optic Media Labels
  • What is a Checksum on Tri-Optic Labels?
Why Bar Code Labels are Critical

Pre-Labeled Media Datasheet from Quantum

New Products

Tri-Optic Ultrium LTO9

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