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Label Media Application Information

Media Label Application Banner

6 easy steps to perfect medial label application

Reapplication Steps: 1 - 6 New Media Steps: 2 – 6

  1. Using a label scraper you can get under a corner of the label to be removed, and pull up on the label to remove it from the cartridge.
    CAUTION: Do not apply a new label over the top of an existing label.
  2. Using a lint-free cloth and an acceptable NON-OIL base cleaner or solvent, clean the area around and including the recess.
    CAUTION: Do not apply cleaner to leader block area or allow prolonged contact with the cartridge case.
  3. When getting ready to apply labels we suggest rolling the paper as shown so the labels will release from the backing, you’ll be able to hold the labels on the side.
  4. Refer to owners manual for proper label orientation. Without directly handling the adhesive or cleaned label recess, carefully position label at an angel with edge against inside vertical recess. Move up or down until aligned vertically, then lay flat.
  5. After making sure the label sits entirely in the recess area and is correctly positioned, burnish the label by rubbing your finger over the label, Start at the center and work your way outwards.
  6. Your cartridge is now ready for placement into your library. See your Tri-Optic Dealer for the latest in Library Storage Systems.

Download Application Steps Instruction Sheet (pdf)

Media Label Application Image 1 Media Label Application Image 2 Media Label Application Image 3 Media Label Application Image 4 Media Label Application Image 5 Media Label Application Image 6

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